Articles by Website Author

In addition to the two-part article, “Dutch and Belgian Heroism,” which the visitor will find in the part of the website about the Smit-van der Heijden Line, I wrote three articles primarily about Tom Applewhite’s evasion:

1. One article, translated into Dutch, was “Tom Applewhite, de studenten en de ondergang van de vluchtlijn,” which appeared in the journal of the Hilvarenbeek historical society, Tussen Paradijs en Toekomst, in 2004.

2. Another article, “Tom Got to Freedom the Hard Way,” appeared in the Air Forces Escape and Evasion journal, Communications, in 2007.  It was prompted by the death earlier in the year of Tom Applewhite.

3.  A third article, “Evaders and Oranges, The Seville Escape Route to Gibraltar,” on this website, describes a lesser known part of the escape lines used by Tom Applewhite, among others.

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