World War II Archives

The following archives are those I have come across so far for Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, United States and the Vatican.  I would welcome suggestions for additions to the list.





  • Institute of History of Time Present (French WWII archives – Institut d’histoire du temps présent):



  • ARCHIEVEN.NL:  According to this site, it is supported by 85 participating organizations, contains 100 million descriptions of records, refers to 55 million people, and includes 3000 historical institutions or websites.  See also  This website allows you to search for particular words or persons in city archives in The Netherlands.
  • Brabants Historisch Informatie Centrum:
  • Netherlands Red Cross (Nederlandse Rode Kruis).  Their archive of correspondence relating to WWII was turned over to NIOD (see below) in 2018.
  • War and Resistance Center Groningen (The Netherlands) (Stichting Oorlogs- en Verzetscentrum Groningen (OVCG):

United Kingdom

  • WW2 People’s War, an archive of World War Two memories — written by the public, gathered by the BBC:  This site contains 47,000 stories organized by event, home front, armed services, type of activity, etc.

United States


One response to “World War II Archives

  1. Professor Roger N. Buckley, History Department, University of Connecticut - USA

    I am writing a book on the Azad Hind Legion/Free Indian Legion of the Second World War. The Legion served with the German Army and was recruited with British Indian troops who were captured by the German Army in North Africa in 1942. I am particularly interested in those who were stationed in the Netherlands – Texel and Sandvoort. More specifically, I am interested in photographs of Sikh soldiers of the Legion. Thank you for your assistance.

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