Dutch Resistance Memorial

A website that came to my attention in September 2017 is the Neerlandsch Verzetsmonument, or Netherlands Resistance Monument of Dimitri Gazan at http://www.neerlandschverzetsmonument.nl/.  Mr. Gazan describes it thusly,

“The Dutch Resistance Monument is the largest collection of names of resistance fighters in the Netherlands and their colonies during the Second World War. Various official archives and online databases have been consulted, as well as websites of foundations, local communities and individual researchers. The monument is a work in progress, growing almost every day.”

“Every single name on the monument is a passageway to information from many different sources. An excellent starting point for background research of beloved relatives and / or rescuers.”

It appears to be well worth investigating if a person is trying to learn more about someone in the Dutch Resistance during World War II.