Other Sources of Information on Members of the Resistance

For other sources of information on members of the Resistance, see the page of this website, What Did My Father Do in the Resistance?

One response to “Other Sources of Information on Members of the Resistance

  1. Bianca Bredenoord

    Good day.
    I would just like to find out more about my family’s presence in the war as I know my great grandfather and grandfather (and siblings) fought in the war. My grandfather didn’t speak much of it exept that he and a few other men pretended to be firemen and had bombs and weapons stashed away in a fire truck. They also had recovered stamps from a man (don’t know if they killed him) to falsify documents…. He said he did this for quite sometime deur the war,and escaped twice frome the train carts on the way to the concentration camps but sadly the second time, his brother didn’t escape. After the war the brother moved to Australia and ended up commiting suicide. My grandparents moved to South-Africa with tgeir two children and had four more here…. by the way my grandfather’s name is Coenraad Bredenoord

    I suggest you begin by searching on the Internet for the name of the town where he lived combined with the Dutch word “heemkundekring” (historical society). If there is none for that town, try the next largest town in the immediate vicinity. The historical society may be able to help you. Also try the Dutch Red Cross archives, which may have correspondence about him. See the page on my website for other suggestions at https://wwii-netherlands-escape-lines.com/faqs/faqs-resistance/.

    Best wishes,
    Bruce Bolinger

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