World War II – German Military

  • Feldgrau:  A massive collection of information on all branches of the German armed forces.

2 responses to “World War II – German Military

  1. Margrit de Graff

    I am looking for a publisher for a book I have written about the circumstances in Germany around the time of my father’s return from a Siberian
    Prisoner of war camp – 2 years and 8 months after the end of the WWII – after no one had heard from him in nearly 4 years. In Germany at the begin of war men up to 40 years were drafted. My father was 39. As a 17-year-old he had already been in the battle of the Somme in France and had no desire to ever go to war again, but had no choice.

  2. I thank you for a reply

    This website contains a list of over 100 publishers of books on WWII. Go to

    Bruce Bolinger

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