World War II Executions and Deportations

  • Onderzoeksgids Oorlogsgetroffen WO2, terugkeer, opvang, nasleep (Research Guide concerning Individuals affected by WWII, their return, reception and aftermath.):  “Deze site biedt een overzicht van archieven van organisaties die betrokken waren bij de terugkeer, opvang en naoorlogse positie van getroffenen van de Tweede Wereldoorlog.” ( This site gives an overview of archives from organizations that were involved in the return, reception and post war situation of those affected by WWII.“)
  • Sixty years 1941-2001, Heroic strike February 1941, list of members of De Trouw (The Truth) executed excerpted from Free Speech, the Underground Press in the Netherlands, 1940-1945 by Hans van den Huevel and Gerard Mulder:

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