British Index to Dutch Helpers of Allied Personnel

The following subpages are photographic copies of the Index to Dutch Helpers from the British National Archives.  For comments on various features of the list and for a breakdown by city and town, click here.  Judging from the number of listings per page and the number of pages, there are between 8000 and 9000 names listed. To see the comparable list at the U.S. National Archives, click here.  (There are differences between the two lists and anyone researching a helper’s name should check both lists.)

In using the index, note that the place name given for a person’s residence may be a source of confusion.  As one visitor to this website pointed out, it all depends on where the place name falls within the geographical hierarchy of place names.  The Netherlands consists of twelve provinces.  The provinces are made up of municipalities (gemeente).  The municipalities, in turn, are made up of one or more communities, each referred to as a plaats (city), dorp (town), stad (city), or streekdorp (region, village).   As an example, the village of Haulerwijk is in the municipality of Ooststellingwerf, which lies in the province of Friesland.  Further complicating matters, the same name may appear at different levels.  Take, for example, Groningen.  There is a City of Groningen, located in the Muncipality of Groningen, which, in turn, is in the Province of Groningen.  When reading the helper file of someone who aided an Allied airman, keep in mind that the helper (or the typist with Allied Military Intelligence who typed the form) may have used the name from one level of the geographical hierarchy, which might not be what someone else would use.

2 responses to “British Index to Dutch Helpers of Allied Personnel

  1. I have a comment about the list of dutch helpers.. I miss my father on this list, his name is dierks.m.j. and he has got the medal of freedom grade 4 without palm in 1947 in maastricht.I hope you can put him on the list.
    Your sincerely P. Dierks.

    Dear Mr. Dierks,
    Your father is on the list. In fact, he is on both the British list at and the American list of Grade 4 recipients at
    Best wishes,
    Bruce Bolinger

  2. Since many years I’m researching the local history of the village of Schoonebeek in the province of Drenthe in the Netherlands. On your list are four persons from Schoonebeek: 1) Gerrit Hans (grade 6, Oud-Schoonebeek A203), G.H. Wegkamp (no certificate, Nieuw-Schoonebeekerveld D46), Johan Scholten-Albers (no certificate, Nieuw-Schoonebeekerveld) and Jacob Wilting (grade 5, Oud-Schoonebeek B16).

    My question is if the files from these persons are still available and can be studied for research.

    Dear Mr. Finke,

    National Archives II in College Park, Maryland, near Washington, DC, may have files on them. For example, I checked their online records for Dutch helpers for Wegkamp and found him listed. They have scanned his file but have not yet posted it online. So contact them directly for his file and the others at National Archives at College Park – Textual Reference (RDT2)
    National Archives at College Park
    8601 Adelphi Road
    College Park, MD 20740-6001
    Phone: 301-837-3510
    Fax: 301-837-1752

    Best wishes,

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