Air Force Service

This part of the website contains information on the following:

  • Tom Applewhite’s  plane, “The Wild Hare”
  • The crew of “The Wild Hare”
  • The circumstances under which he was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross.
  • The Mission Report for the last mission of “The Wild Hare”
  • Tom Applewhite’s account of their being shot down.

Tom served in the 385th Bombardment Group.  A memorial to it appears in the Memorial Garden directly behind the Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum in Pooler, Georgia near Savannah.

385th Bombardment Group, Great Ashfield

2 responses to “Air Force Service

  1. William F Smith 111

    Was Tom Appleqbite from North Carolina?w

  2. No. He was from Memphis, Tennessee.

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