One response to “Maal

  1. I am looking for information about Henry Mulder and Frederica Mulder, who had a daughter Henny Mulder. they lived in Amsterdam, Recht boom st.
    as far as I was told, their house served as a transit place – people stayed with them for a short time before being moved on to other places. one of the families that stayed with them owned a jewlery or a watches shop in Amsterdam after the war. (maybe before too) I have no further information that can be helpful except for stories my mother used to tell me. I also know that Henry, my grandfather, was sent to labor camps, in Germany I think, because he was caught as a resistance member, but I’m not sure about the reason. I also remember her telling me they had a radio or radios hidden in the attic or on the roof.
    i would very much want to find out any information possible.

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