Index to Belgian and Luxemburger Helpers of Allied Personnel

Position your cursor on the title of this page in the menu items on the top of this page to see the drop-down listings for the different parts of the alphabet which list the names of Belgian and Luxemburger helpers from the index at the Textual Research Room, National Archives II, in College Park, Maryland.  (The names of Luxemburger helpers are mixed in with those of the Belgians.)  There are  587 pages, usually in groups of ten per website page.  The readability of the names varies from page to page, apparently depending on the condition of the typewriter ribbon used by the typist.  Clicking once on the image will produce a smaller version.  Click a second time to get a greatly magnified version which should be easy to read.  If you are searching for a helper from Luxembourg, you should also check the separate list of Luxemburg helpers.  There appears to be some overlap between the two lists but not much.

Note that unlike the Dutch helper list, in the Belgian list names that begin with Van, Van der, etc. are all lumped together.  By contrast, the Dutch list has them arranged by the main part of the name.  For example, the name v. Altena in the Dutch list is in the A part of the alphabet, while van Altena in the Belgian list is under the Vs.

For an English-language discussion of the meaning of the Award Grade assigned to a helper, see  For a French-language explanation, see

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