Aid to Escaped French POW’s

After the French surrender, thousands of French soldiers were imprisoned in Germany.  There they waited, hoping to be returned home.  And waited.  Some decided not to wait any longer, escaped, and headed for France.  In 1942, Karst Smit and another marechaussee were patrolling a forested area, the Landgoed de Utrecht, near the Belgian border.  They came across two men hiding in a ditch.  Assuming them to be smugglers, Karst questioned them.  On learning that they were French soldiers trying to walk home, he and the other marechaussee helped them across the border into Belgium.  Realizing that there would be more such men, Karst set up the first elements of his escape line, using contacts in Enschede to be on the lookout for escaped Frenchmen and send them to Tilburg, where Karst or his men would pick them up and move them to a contact in Brussels.  Later Karst enlisted the help of four young sisters from Vorselaar (originally believed to be Herentals), Belgium to move the men across the border into Belgium.

The recommendation for an MBE credited Karst with helping 80 Frenchmen, but it may have been as high as 90.  Names and addresses of some are listed below.  I very much would like to correspond with any of them or their families:

Antonin, Jurdy -  à Burdignes, Loire

Beucher, Raymond (Richard?) – 31, Avenue de Livry, Le Rainey, Seine-et-Ois

Bordenave, Joseph – Pardies Mounin près Peau, Basses Pyerenées

Carboue, Charles – Montiers sur Saulx, Meuse

Curat, Louis – à Chancy, Loire

Delas, Elie – Aubiet (Gars), Toulouse

Garry, Auguste – Route de St. Suzanne, Montsûrs (Mayenne)

August Garry photo snipped from Marie-Pierre Line photos

Hullin, Gaston – 4, Rue Mayet, Paris (6)

Gaston Hullin, French POW

Labadens, Gilbert – 1 Rue des Baléares, 31130 Balma

Marey, Francois – à Pîemeaux par Nuits. St. George, Côte d’Or (74 Route National)

Martin, Albert – 15, Rue du Collège, Toul. Meurthe et Moselle, Nancy

Muixe (?), Maurice – à Estagel, Pyrenées-Oriëntales

Oudin, Francois – La Ferté/Chiers, Ardennes, France

Petitjean, Marcel – 27, Avenue Choisy, Villeneuve St. Georges, Seine-et-Oise

Raynal, Jean – à Peyrestortes, Pyrenées-Oriëntales

Royer, Henri – “Mauroo” à St. Benoit près Poitiers, Vienne

Tranvouez, Gaston – 15-17, Rue des Martyrs (chez Mde. Dusseaux), (Paris 9)

Vigner, Joseph – à Combourg, Ille et Vilaine, Bretagne (Vieux Châtel)

Waldschmidt, Jean – 2, Rue Alfred Dumont, Dunkerque-Nord

Waldschmidt, Robert – 2, Rue Alfred Dumont, Dunkerque-Nord

Warisse, Jean – 48, Rue d’Hauteville, Paris (X)

6 responses to “Aid to Escaped French POW’s

  1. Laurent Reinhardt

    Thank you for posting this. I am the grandson of Gaston Hullin, who passed away in 1999. He spoke often about his escape, but I can’t remember specific details he told me about his route through Belgium.
    Laurent Reinhardt
    San Diego, California, USA

  2. Haem Marie Pierre

    Auguste Garry had been helped by Louis Saint Ghislain, railway worker in Tourcoing ; he arrived at Louis’s house with 5 other POW on november the 27th 1943

    • My Great uncle John Green (Royal Artillary) was helped by Louis St Ghislain to return to England in 1943 using false documents. My Uncle was captured at the retreat from Dunkirk and was a POW but escaped into Occupied France and was found by Louis who helped him. All brave men

  3. Haem Marie Pierre

    thats strange 69 years from to-day

  4. Im trying to find information about my grandad andre jezequel he was a frenchman and fought in ww11 and escaped pow camps 5 times and brought back at gun point, i believe he was in germany but this what im researching as i want to find any documents or any about him really

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